FINAL BETRAYAL: AG Bill Barr Announces No Special Counsel for Hunter Biden or Election Fraud on His Way Out

Attorney General Bill Barr has announced there will be no appointment of a special counsel to investigate election fraud or Hunter Biden’s potential criminal acts, as Barr gets ready to depart from the Trump administration.

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch spread the unfortunate news in a couple of Twitter posts:

While many Trump backers were “trusting the plan,” Fitton was pointing out before the election that AG Barr and his lackey U.S. Attorney John Durham were blowing the Russia-gate investigation, despite the fact that Obama-era federal officials had already been exposed committing blatant improprieties.

Big League Politics has reported on Fitton calling out the Trump administration for its failures in pushing back against the deep state while most other prominent conservatives were brownnosing:

Trump supporters are waiting with baited breath for U.S. Attorney John Durham to come out with his explosive findings in regards to his investigation into the origins of the Russian collusion probe against President Trump.

According to Judicial Watch founder Tom Fitton, Trump supporters are getting taken for a ride. Fitton said during a recent appearance on Fox Business’ “Lou Dobbs Tonight” that Barr and Durham are making no progress on investigating what very well may be the worst criminal conspiracy in U.S. history.

“You know, my concern is it’s been, what, sixteen-plus months since Durham was appointed and only now is he questioning Mr. Brennan,” Fitton said.

Fitton said that he is inclined to believe disgraced former CIA Director John Brennan when he says that he is not a person of interest in Durham’s investigation.

“I don’t see grand juries operating. I don’t see a bunch of witnesses coming in. I don’t see lawyers complaining about their clients being brought in before Durham,” Fitton said.

He said that the Mueller investigation was run much more thoroughly than Durham’s so-called investigation, the goal of which appears to be protecting the deep state.

“You know when the government is being pressure on witnesses and subjects and that is not evident here,” Fitton said, adding that it is his opinion that Durham is “not doing the work” needed to bring deep state criminals to justice.

Fitton did not object to Dobbs’ characterization that he is calling the Durham a “sham.”

“I’ll have to tell you. I’m a little concerned that the FBI is no longer an investigative agency because if this is the way they operate, it’s going to take them decades to deal with anything of real complexity,” Dobbs said.

“Well, [FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith] wasn’t arrested but they managed to arrest Stephen Bannon. The comparison and contrasting to me is just remarkable,” Fitton responded.

The total betrayal of the American public is at hand, with a coup against the Bill of Rights and Constitution being perpetrated in broad daylight as institutional power looks the other way. None of this could have happened without the assistance of AG Barr.

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