FINANCIAL FASCISM: Chase Bank De-Platforms ANOTHER Conservative

Conservative commentator, and former burlesque dancer Martina Markota has joined an elite list of Trump supporters who have had their Chase Bank accounts shut down in recent weeks.

Along with Markota, Proud Boys’ Chairman Enrique Tarrio, and Trump supporting Army veteran Joe Biggs have had their Chase Bank accounts shut down in recent weeks.

Speaking to Big League Politics, Markota explains that the account shut down was linked to an Indiegogo campaign which has raised over $34,000 for a graphic novel she is working on, making the account shut down all the worse.

Upon getting notice of her account shutdown, Markota contacted Chase Bank by phone to ask why her account was shut down.

“They refused to tell me why,” Markota stated. “They said they have the right to end our relationship and not tell me why.”

She began to believe that her bank account shutdown was was politically motivated after reading Big League Politics‘ story on Tarrio. This suspicion is well warranted considering the fact that her outspoken support for President Trump has exposed her to a torrent of harassment in recent years.

Markota’s former co-workers from her burlesque days have been on a crusade to make her life miserable ever since she came out as a Trump supporter.

Their harassment got so bad that Markota is pursuing legal action against the most vicious tormentor.

As Markota told Pawl Bazile of Dangerous:

“I am currently pursuing criminal charges against a performer who has tried to solicit my information to antifa and other left-wing media groups to defame me and put me and my family’s life in danger. They refuse to leave me alone, every step of the way. These people are relentless and angry. I left their scene, I left NYC, I moved on to another career and they still follow my every step and try to sabotage my life. At this point I think they want me dead.”

It is unclear if Markota’s account shutdown is politically motivated, but considering the series of other shutdowns in recent weeks, it seems very likely.

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