Finnish Authorities Claim that Weapons Being Sent to Ukraine are Ending Up in Criminal Hands

Finland’s National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) claims that weapons being sent to Ukraine are falling into criminal hands. 

According to a report by Finland’s national public broadcasting company Yle, Western arms that are supposed to go to Ukraine are ending up outside of the country, largely in criminal hands.

Some of the recovered weapons that the NBI talked about in its statement included assault rifles that were meant to go to Ukrainian military units. Neighboring countries have revealed numerous cases of weapons supplied by the Collective West that were initially found on the Ukrainian battlefield that subsequently fell into the hands of criminals in countries such as Sweden and Denmark.

“Weapons shipped [by various countries] to Ukraine have also been found in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands,” NBI Detective Superintendent Christer Ahlgren stated. 

“We’ve seen signs of these weapons already finding their way to Finland,” Ahlgren continued. Some of this illegal arms trafficking is being conducted in online forums that criminal organizations frequent. Ahlgren added

Three of the world’s largest motorcycle gangs—that are part of larger international organizations—are active in Finland. One of these is Bandidos MC, which has a unit in every major Ukrainian city. We know that contacts and routes are being warmed up, so that they’re in place.

“Ukraine has received a large volume of weapons and that’s good, but we’re going to be dealing with these arms for decades and pay the price here,” Ahlgren continued. 

“Criminal organizations have their networks in Finnish commercial ports. Stopping this is in everyone’s interest,” the detective stressed. 

This is one of the many problems that comes with waging a proxy war. Massive amounts of military aid wind up in the wrong hands which creates additional destabilization. If we want to avoid such scenarios, it would behoove Western leaders to stay out of conflicts where no national interest is at stake. 

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