FIRE HIM: Fox News Liberal Juan Williams Says Benghazi Was Like A Pimple

Juan Williams said Thursday in his role as a panelist on Fox News’ The Five that Benghazi and the IRS scandal were like “pimples,” minor marks on Barack Obama’s supposedly otherwise sterling legacy.

Four Americans died in Benghazi while Secretary of State Hillary Clinton refused to help them survive a coordinated terrorist attack.

Williams must be fired immediately from Fox News for his disgusting insult to the memory of our fallen heroes. Not negotiable, Fox.

Big League Politics previously caught Juan Williams outright blatantly lying about my reporting. We noted:

Fox News’ Juan Williams blatantly lied about the source of Big League Politics’ sexual assault allegation scoop surrounding Democrat Virginia Lt. Gov Justin Fairfax, claiming we reported the information came from one of Fairfax’s political rivals.

Williams suggested Big League Politics received a tip about the sexual assault allegation from Fairfax’s political rival, Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney during today’s episode of Fox News’ The Five…

This blatantly untrue assertion attempts to discredit Big League Politics’ journalism as mere talking points from Fairfax’s political opponents. However, it is a blatant lie. Big League Politics received the information from the Internet, after accuser Vanessa Tyson’s friend and confidante Adria Scharf posted the accusation publicly.

Big League Politics referenced the accuser and her friend by name in the first paragraph of our original article…

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