FIREARM FREEDOM: Italian Senate Approves Self-Defense Bill

The Italian Senate passed the new personal defense bill this week, allowing law-abiding citizens to defend their homes and families from criminals.

Il Giornale reports that this reform modifies article 52 of the Italian penal code and now gives Italians the right to use “a legitimately held weapon” to protect themselves and their families.  Due to this reform, individuals are less likely to be held criminally liable in cases of self-defense.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Mattero Salvini, one of the Italian government’s strongest advocates for self-defense reform, praised the new law.

Salvini commented on this newly passed law saying, “It is a beautiful day for the Italians in which the sacrosanct right to self-defense is sanctioned”.

The Minister of the Interior explained how this reform works, “A thief comes into your house, company or store, and you defend yourself? It will be your right to do so, and the thug (and his relatives) will not be able to ask for a euro of compensation”.

Salvini added, “Besides, you won’t end up on trial for years and you won’t pay your own pocket: the state will cover any legal expenses of those who defended themselves.”

The League (Lega) party leader also noted how this reform would be a powerful criminal deterrent, saying “From today the criminals know that to be a robber in Italy is more difficult: it is an even more dangerous job.”

Since Salvini took power in 2018, Italy has undergone a significant political transformation.

Big League Politics reported how illegal immigration has dropped substantially under Salvini’s watch. Now, the country is empowering its citizens by expanding gun rights.

This is a stark contrast from EU countries such as the UK whose stringent gun laws in conjunction with lax immigration policies have turned migrant sectors of the city into danger zones where people cannot defend themselves from the city’s ongoing crime wave.

Italy’s recent move to expand gun rights may also be influencing countries like Spain, whose Vox Party is leading the way in reforming gun laws that allow citizens to have more self-defense options.

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