Firebrand Joe Kent Pledges Impeachment of Joe Biden For Taxpayer-Funded Illegal Migrant “Ghost Flights”

America First congressional candidate and Army Green Beret veteran Joe Kent has pledged to fight for the impeachment of President Joe Biden, citing recent reports of the administration’s involvement in secretive “ghost flights” transporting illegal migrants from the southern border throughout the continental United States.

Kent made it clear that Biden would face consequences for the stealth migrant resettlement in a tweet on Monday night.

Kent, a highly decorated Special Forces veteran of the Iraq War, is running against Trump impeachment RINO Jaime Herrera Beutler in Washington’s Third Congressional District. Polling indicates the America First firebrand is leading considerably in the upcoming Republican primary.

The National Pulse’s story on the latest de facto smuggling of illegal migrants fits within consistent reports on the Biden administration’s illegal migrant resettlement practices, usually involving secretive federal-chartered flights delivering dozens to hundreds of illegal immigrants to unwitting states overnight in closed areas of municipal airports.

Congressman Dan Meuser of Pennsylania and gubernatorial candidate Lou Barletta are urging investigation of recent “ghost flights” disembarking from the Scranton Airport, without the release of flight passenger manifests to the public or to state governments. One witness recounts the “ICE flight” disembarking a crowd of young people who don’t speak English.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has moved to implement a “no tolerance” for the Biden administration’s dumping of illegals in his state, cutting off cheap labor organizations from state contracts for assisting in their resettlement, and in turn billing them for the costs illegal immigration inflicts upon the wages, quality of life, public services and safety of American citizens.

It’s thought Republicans stand a chance to secure a considerable majority in the House of Representatives in the 2022 midterms, with tentative impeachment proceedings involving Biden a real possibility.

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