First Lady of NYC Describes Police-Free City as a “Nirvana, Utopia”

New York City First Lady Chirlane McCray spoke in glowing terms of the prospect of her city doing away with policing and law enforcement during a TIME100 streamed event on Wednesday.

That would be like a nirvana, a utopia that we are nowhere close to getting to,” said McCray of the prospect of abolishing police.

McCray went on to walk back what appeared to be an endorsement of abolishing the police. “They can do things that would not be possible in a large city like New York.” Mayor de Blasio, who was also present at the time magazine event, also indicated that he didn’t support outright abolishing the New York Police Department.

You’re going to have police in New York City because it is needed for safety,” said De Blasio. “but that doesn’t mean you can’t change policing.

McCray is the wife of ultra-progressive New York City mayor Bill de Blasio.The family’s daughter, Chiara de Blasio, has been arrested for her participation in an unlawful ANTIFA riot that blocked a city roadway and refused to disperse after being labeled a riotous protest.

As city authorities dream of abolishing the New York Police Department, violent crimes have skyrocketed in the city in what has been one of the most chaotic and darkest years in the history of New York City. Murders have risen by more than 100%, and the looting of Manhattan businesses during the nationwide race riots was among the most severe in the country. New York City has also arguably been the global epicenter of the Chinese coronavirus epidemic.

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