FITTING: CPD loses scores of officers in post-BLM Exodus

A Black Lives Matter organized ‘Defund the Police’ protest in Chicago, June 2020

In yet another stunning, yet predictable result of the policies the wise liberal gentry class insists we pursue (and call us every name in the book if we disagree), the Chicago Police Department has reportedly been hemorrhaging officers in recent years, especially since the Black Lives Matter movement picked up steam in 2014. Indeed, the BLM movement has been so successful and progressive in its political discourse that crime rates in many of America’s major cities ended their two-decade-long downtrend and are now on the upswing.

According to Fox News, a Chicago Alderman from the city’s 19th ward blamed the failure of the seemingly Third World municipality’s judicial system as well as the release of thousands of criminals onto the streets for contributing to a large part of the city’s recent crime wave. The Alderman went on to lament the drastic dip in morale amongst Chicago’s finest and traced it back to a nearly complete absence of support not only from the city government but also Chicagoans at large.

Former Superintendent of Chicago Phil Cline also expressed his lack of confidence in the ability of the CPD to restore law and order to the city, saying that “I don’t think the gangbangers have any fear of the police,”. This seems hardly surprising considering how often the left provides intellectual and media cover for the most anti-social elements in American society to express their deviancy without consequence.

Fortunately for the ordinary citizen, this crime wave is strictly for them to enjoy, as the liberal gentry has become so dedicated to having ordinary Americans enjoy the full fruits of their policies that they have exempted themselves from living with the consequences of their wise stewardship by hiding behind gated communities and security guards. It must be reiterated though that these measures will not work on our nation’s southern border, just Nancy Pelosi’s.

Meanwhile, serious countries such as Singapore actually take law and order very seriously, going so far as to canning foreigners when they vandalize Singaporean property and even send them to the gallows should they so much as dare bring any significant amount of narcotics into Singapore’s borders. Surprisingly, at least to the liberal mind, this has resulted in Singapore being rated as the second safest city in the world according to the Economist Intelligence Unit. Apparently, Singapore and Tokyo, the only city to beat out the little red dot, did not get the memo from London’s esteemed mayor Saddiq Khan that the sort of violence we see in Chicago is part and parcel of living in a big city.

A woman can walk this street in Tokyo at 3 am with no fear of anything happening to her. The same cannot be said of nearly any street in Chicago.

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