Five Days Later, NBC is STILL Pushing the Totally-Debunked Covington Catholic Narrative

Five days after slandering innocent teenaged boys from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky, unleashing a violent leftist social media mob against them, most cable news networks have attempted to quietly distance themselves from the story.

But not the National Broadcasting Company.

Tuesday evening, NBC ran the following headline: “Gay valedictorian banned from speaking at Covington graduation ‘not surprised’ by D.C. controversy.”

“Video of white students from Covington Catholic High School confronting a Native American elder at the Indigenous Peoples March in Washington, D.C., last Friday went viral this past week,” said the opening line of the piece.

This has been the mainstream media’s narrative from the beginning. They have willfully and purposefully attempted to destroy the lives of innocent teenaged boys, despite the fact that video evidence of the encounter indisputably proves that they were not the aggressors.

Worse, the NBC headline is entirely misleading.

The “gay valedictorian,” named Christian Bales, did not even attend Covington Catholic High School. Rather, he attended Holy Cross High School. Holy Cross is part of the Diocese of Covington, but totally unrelated to Covington Catholic High School, as NBC would have its readers believe.

The only reason to frame the story as such is to push an anti-Christian agenda.

To that point, Holy Cross High School did not ban Bales from speaking for his sexual orientation, but rather for failing to turn his speech in on time, which NBC admits in its article. 

“At the time, a spokesperson for the Diocese of Covington said the students’ speeches were not submitted on time and ‘were political and inconsistent with the teaching of the Catholic Church,'” the piece said.

Bales even said he was unsure whether his sexual orientation was related to the Diocese’s decision, and did not dispute that his speech was turned in late.

“Bales said at the time that he was unsure whether his sexual orientation played a role in the Diocese of Covington’s decision to not permit him to speak at graduation,” the piece said.

But for the framing of this “news” article, it would be a total non-story. Told plainly – a student missed the deadline to submit his valedictorian speech and was disallowed from speaking – is not exactly an attention grabber. Nor does it serve to further the narrative against the Covington boys.

So NBC consciously spun the story to fit the biases of its readers and gave it an over broad headline to catch eyeballs and attract clicks. This is not journalism. It is anti-Christian activism.

The fact that the Covington Catholic boys have been put through the ringer by the media, have been doxxed, had their lives have been threatened, and their parents’ livelihoods have been put into jeopardy, means nothing to the left wing terrorists in the media.

NBC’s Savannah Guthrie also tried to pressure Nick Sandmann, the student at the center of the controversy, into an apology during an interview that aired on TODAY on Wednesday, hardly hiding her obvious disdain for the boy.

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