Five Reasons Why You Should Hate Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon, Facebook

Are you a millenial tech CEO, college student, cable news pundit, fading Hollywood celebrity, or some combination thereof? If so, Steve Bannon is despicable, and you should hate him. A man who keeps the president’s campaign promises on a whiteboard (liable to be erased at any time by Russian spies posing as White House janitors) has no place in a presidential administration. Full stop. He is embarrassing us on the world stage. How do we explain “economic nationalism” to the noble Iranians and our owners the Chinese? It is incumbent upon all of us to write meltdown Facebook posts, stage performance-art projects, and complain in Oscars acceptance speeches about this poorly-dressed madman advising THEIR president.

Steve Bannon, Facebook

Here are some reasons to hate Bannon:

He wants to stand up to Facebook and Google

Steve Bannon expressed interest in regulating Facebook and Google as public utilities, before employee James Damore’s “Wrongthink” memo about Google’s stifling of differing opinions got him fired from the tech giant.

Big League Politics has led the way in covering free-speech controversies in the tech realm. The issue exploded soon after Facebook permanently deleted (only to restore it later) a major pro-Trump group. Then “The Deplorables,” arguably the biggest and most influential pro-Trump group, crashed due to a concerted left-wing effort to infiltrate and troll the group to game the Facebook algorithms with offensive-content flags. Conservative Facebook moderators have complained to BLP about this left-wing tactic, in which progressive operatives post racist messages on Trump groups. Under pressure, Facebook helped The Deplorables recover from the massive coordinated attack and agreed to discuss with me the company’s perceived anti-Trump bias.

If Mark Zuckerberg intends to run for president against Trump in 2020, Bannon might just be the Lee Atwater who recognized the threat of Arkansas governor Bill Clinton years before Clinton ran against his boss George H.W. Bush.

Specifics aside, the tech world’s shutdown of politically unacceptable (read: pro-Trump) thought presents a harrowing threat to free speech. The First Amendment only protects us from the government, not from private-sector monopolies. Making the biggest monopolies public utilities (while pointing out the innumerable ways the government helps these companies maintain their monopolies) could be the only way to save “Deplorable” speech going forward.

He wants to go tough on China

Is it time to finally label China a currency manipulator (a campaign promise that should still be on that whiteboard)? China is clearly offering little help when it comes to North Korea’s belligerent threat-making on the world stage. Perhaps the Chinese are even whipping their ally Kim Jong-Un up to make threats, so as to bolster their own positions in unrelated negotiations. The world is being held hostage by a supposed madman with a nuclear arsenal, and China won’t stick a little cyanide capsule in Kim’s imperial duck chow mein?

How are we going to deal with that massive Chinese debt built up by the Bush and Obama administrations? And by “deal with,” we don’t necessarily mean “pay.” High-level economic maneuvering needs to be done, and it needs to be done by people with American interests at heart.

Scale Down The War in Afghanistan

Big League Politics senior reporter Cassandra Fairbanks reported:

Blackwater founder, and former Navy SEAL, Erik Prince is calling for the US to restructure and scale down the 16-year-long operation in Afghanistan by teaming mercenaries with local partners. His plan is estimated to save US taxpayers more than $40 billion.

The idea is one which both White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon and the president’s senior advisor Jared Kushner appear to be on board with.

Instead of having US military leading the seemingly endless fight, Prince and Stephen A. Feinberg, owner of DynCorp International, seek to have experienced professional European soldiers take over. The reason for this is that the US soldiers are routinely rotated out every six to nine months, so we essentially have to start over with each new group. If the operation was taken over by professionals with insight from experience, who are in it for the long run, this would no longer be the case.

Prince told Big League Politics that his plan consists of restructuring the use of contractors which are already in Afghanistan. There are currently at least 22,000 contractors being used in the region, and he would like to see them take on an enhanced role.

“So many, particularly the left, hate the idea of contractors. The fact is that there are 25,000 contractors in Afghanistan right now. Under this plan, most of them go away — as would, eventually, all the conventional US soldiers. This is the off ramp for the US in Afghanistan,” Prince told Big League.

Prince added that, “just like a business in bankruptcy — the US must tear down and clean up its efforts. The US must go back and refocus on what is necessary to defend itself from terrorism.”

Don’t Arm The Terrorist Killers

Big League Politics reported:

President Donald Trump has achieved his most inspiring victory yet against the globalist Deep State that has secretly governed our country for decades and which will stop at nothing to derail and destroy his presidency.

Trump has put an end to the covert CIA program to arm the jihadi Syrian rebels. These rebels were the allies of President Obama’s team of neocons like Ben Rhodes, who sought to knock out Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, a mostly secular pan-Arab leader, by emboldening the rebellion that gave rise to ISIS.

The Fake News media is already spinning, linking Trump’s move to the wishes of “Moscow.”

Wants To Tax The Rich

There is one thing you absolutely, definitively, CAN NOT DO if you are looking to win support from the progressive Left’s mainstream media channels.

You cannot stand up to the rich.

President Trump is not going to raise taxes on millionaires to fund lower-class tax cuts, but instead is going to cut taxes across the board. But if push ever came to shove and one side — either the rich or poor — needed to be taxed a little more, we know which side Steve Bannon comes down on.



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