Flash Riots Break Out in Kenosha, Wisconsin After Police-Involved Shooting of Suspect Resisting Arrest

Rioters have emerged in the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Sunday, after city police were involved in the shooting of a criminal suspect earlier today.

An officer of the Kenosha police shot a suspect multiple times when the individual in question refused to comply with commands to surrender. The man appeared to be retrieving something from his vehicle when an officer opened fire.


The shot individual was later identified as Jacob Blake, with Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers recognizing him as a victim of police brutality without so much as a day’s investigation. Blake is at an area hospital and is expected to survive. Why he decided to refuse to comply with police and make it seem as if he could’ve been retrieving a weapon during the arrest is much less clear.

It only took hours for mass riots to emerge in the normally peaceful Lake Michigan city, with mobs of rioters setting fires, attacking police officers, and engaging in criminal behavior.

Rioters were caught on tape knocking out one police officer with a brick. The mob had been throwing the objects at law enforcement shortly before the gathering was declared to be a riot.


Rioters torched a truck during the riots.


The riots may continue over the week. It’s possible some residents of the Wisconsin community, located in a critical swing state, could see firsthand the vision of lawlessness the Democratic Party seems to wholly support if the destruction continues.

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