FLASHBACK: America First Congressional Candidate Joey Saladino Exposes Antifa Violence

All eyes were on the brutal assault that journalist Andy Ngo suffered at the hands of Antifa last weekend.

In the midst of the uproar from the Antifa rally in Portland, Oregon, Youtuber and now Congressional candidate Joey Saladino took the opportunity to re-share an old video of his that exposed Antifa’s violent antics.

In the video, Saladino pretended to be an undercover Antifa activist during rallies throughout April 2017.

He was accompanied by his cameraman who was harassed by Antifa activists who noticed him filing them. Antifa activists generally hate being filmed in the middle of their criminal activities.

Saladino ultimately intervened in a situation where a group of Antifa activists violently assaulted a Trump supporter.

Thankfully, Saladino was able to step in quickly to save the man from a prolonged beatdown.

Fast forward to the present, Andy Ngo and other individuals present at the Portland Antifa rally were not so lucky, as they were gravely wounded by unhinged Antifa activists.

In light of the recent Portland incident, Antifa’s reliance on political violence is a long-standing trend.

Unfortunately, many local officials such as Portland mayor Ted Wheeler have reportedly told law enforcement to stand down in the middle of these Antifa riots.

This failure to provide basic public order is reminiscent of a failed state and serves to promote an environment of political chaos.

Salad’s video and the recent events in Portland serve as a reminder that when Antifa is not punished for its behavior, it will only dial up its acts of political violence.

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