Flashback: Bank of America Donates $1 Billion to Radical Leftist Causes

In today’s rapidly moving media environment, months almost feel like years.

Brent Bozell, the Founder and President of the Media Research Center, reminded his Twitter followers on July 17, 2020 that Bank of America donated $1 billion to leftist causes which include Black Lives Matter.


He tweeted, “Bank of America has pledged to give Marxist Black Lives Matter ONE BILLION DOLLARS. Every conservative customer MUST CLOSE THEIR ACCOUNTS.”



On June 2, 2020, Bank of America promised to donate $1 billion over the course of four years to help businesses recover from the Wuhan virus related lockdowns. In an article for The Hill, Alexandra Kelley noted that this donation had “an emphasis on those owned and operated by people of color.”

In a press release, the bank claimed that the funding will be directed towards economic mobility and development programs. Kelley explained that Bank of America’s focus will be on “health, job training, reskilling (teach someone how to do a new job) and upskilling (teaching someone new skills to help them in their current job), small business support and housing aid.”

“Underlying economic and social disparities that exist have accelerated and intensified during the global pandemic,” declared Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan in the press release. “The events of the past week have created a sense of true urgency that has arisen across our nation, particularly in view of the racial injustices we have seen in the communities where we work and live. We all need to do more.”

While the money BOA is donating may go to some legitimate causes, leftist non-profits have a track record of promoting graft and cronyism. Additionally, most of the organizations jumping on the outrage following the death of George Floyd have ulterior motives that go beyond their fluffy promises.

By donating money to these causes, corporate America is complicit in bankrolling cultural radicalism.





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