FLASHBACK: Big Pharma Paid Millions in Settlements After Their FDA-Approved Drugs Caused Mass Murder

Since the advent of the endless COVID-19 pandemic, Big Pharma hacks have been elevated to a god-like status of sorts through media propaganda. They are the lords of The Science©, their edicts must be obeyed no matter what, and all dissidents are to be destroyed for the good of public health.

However, monolithic pharmaceutical corporations have a notoriously poor record when it comes to their drugs, even ones that receive a rubberstamp from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The Free Thought Project highlighted instances in which Big Pharma was forced to pay out millions after individuals took Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs), commonly referred to as antidepressants, and then committed mass murder as a result.

47-year-old Joseph T. Wesbecker murdered 8 people in a mass shooting in 1989 and then took his own life. Wesbecker developed psychotic thoughts shortly after being prescribed with Prozac. Eli Lilly was forced to pay an undisclosed settlement in a civil case to the victims.

60-year-old Donald Schell fatally shot his wife, daughter and granddaughter just hours after taking his first dose of Paxil. He committed suicide after doing this, and his remaining family members received a $6.4 million payout from GlaxoSmithKline for “the company’s failure to sufficiently warn doctors and patients that the effects of the drug could include agitation and violence.”

GlaxoSmithKline also paid $3 million to a widow of a man who took his own life in 2010 while taking Paxil. Wendy Dolin sued GlaxoSmithKline after her husband Stewart took his own life after being prescribed the drug. Dolin said her lawsuit was not about the money but rather “awareness to a health issue,” as Big Pharma attempts to hide the many ill effects of their mind-bending drugs.

While Big Pharma corporations have been forced to pay mightily over damages caused by their SSRIs (with reports showing that GlaxoSmithKline has had to pay more than $390 million in Paxil-related cases alone), individuals who are harmed by the experimental COVID vaccines will be denied similar recourse.

Big League Politics has reported on the liability waivers given to pharmaceutical corporations whose COVID-19 vaccines are being pushed by government mandate on a worldwide basis:

The US government has granted Pfizer and Moderna immunity from liability in case people develop severe side effects from their COVID-19 vaccines.

The Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act allows the Department of Health and Human Services to provide liability immunity for “certain medical countermeasures,” such as vaccines, except in cases of “willful misconduct.”

According to CNBC, someone who develops severe side effects from a COVID-19 vaccine can neither sue the FDA for authorizing the vaccine, nor one’s employer for mandating it.

And although it is theoretically possible to receive money from the government to cover lost wages and out-of-pocket medical expenses following “irreparable harm” from a vaccine, only 29 claims—6 percent of all claims—have received compensation over the past decade.

In short, don’t count on compensation for a COVID-19 vaccine gone wrong. And don’t count on seeing any of those “you may be entitled to financial compensation” commercials for it either.

Those who kneel at the altar of Big Pharma will ultimately pay dearly in the end. Their control over public health policy is a grotesque crime against humanity.

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