[FLASHBACK]: Charlie Kirk Attacks Donald Trump During the 2016 Primaries

Short-term memory gets the best of us these days.

Lest we forget, Turning Point USA founder and Students for Trump Chair Charlie Kirk once criticized Donald Trump for dividing the Republican Party in an appearance on Fox Business with host Charles Payne back in March of 2016.

A Twitter video posted by @GenXMatthew on Sunday, March 1, 2020, showcased Kirk’s previous anti-Trump comments.

In that video, Kirk declared that Trump was “self-destructing in front of us.”

“He thinks he’s going to bring the party together… when just a week ago, he publicly retweeted an image that went directly after the spouse of Senator Ted Cruz… I don’t understand how he thinks he’s going to bring the party together,” Kirk declared.

Kirk, who has positioned himself as the youth leader of the Trumpist movement, continued by saying that “I don’t think that’s exactly the uniter you want.”

He also said that the interview Trump had with Chris Matthews was “laughable.”

“Are you kidding me? This is the guy whose going to bring the party together? That says women should be punished because they pursued an abortion?” Kirk said. “This guy is — I think he is self-destructing in front of us.”

In this 2016 segment, Students for Trump founder, John Lambert, challenged Kirk’s assertions.

Lambert is no longer in charge of the pro-Trump student organization that Kirk and TPUSA have absorbed into their fold, after pleading guilty to felony charges of conspiracy to commit a $46,000 wire fraud scam in August 2019.

The sudden change of heart marks one of the more nefarious attempts by political actors to co-opt America First and morph it into a generic Trumpism that avoids the very policies that got Trump elected — immigration, questioning free trade, and ending wars overseas — and shifts the focus on sensationalist tactics on conservative media, “owning the Libs” in pointless Internet squabbles, and delivering generic policy reforms such as tax cuts for the corporate elite and the GOP donor base. BLP previously reported on Charlie Kirk’s attacks against Trump throughout the 2016 primaries.

There is a lot at stake now in America.

Several issues like immigration are not just casual public policy matters that must be tinkered with around the margin.

Immigration is a long-term civilizational matter that could decide what America will look like in the forthcoming decades.

Immigrant voting patterns of the past 50 years and Hispanic voter views (The primary migrant group whose descendants are more becoming more politically active as the decades go by) could fundamentally alter the American nation state as we know it.

Soon, basic freedoms such as free speech and gun ownership could be in jeopardy

It’s not a good sign that Trump is listening more to his Conservatism Inc. base rather than his Middle American “America First” base.

If Trump wants to leave a legacy behind, he should stick to the principles that got him elected.

In doing so, he could save the country from falling into globalist stagnation.

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