FLASHBACK: Consumer Reports Exposed Planned Parenthood for Defective Condom Scheme

A blog post from Dan From Squirrel Hill’s blog reminded us of Planned Parenthood’s devious schemes.

According a previous report from Consumer Reports, the condoms that Planned Parenthood was giving out at various events were defective.

Posted below is a screenshot from Consumer Reports.

The two condoms at the very bottom of the ratings are from Planned Parenthood. Both received the worst possible score, “poor”, in the “strength” category.  One of the condoms received a “poor” score in the category of “reliability.”

Given Planned Parenthood’s agenda, this condom selling strategy actually makes sense.

Defective condoms will lead to many unexpected pregnancies, thus increasing the likelihood that individuals opt for abortions.

This is a cycle that Planned Parenthood would like to keep in place.

The source of screenshot can be found below.:


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