FLASHBACK: Former Mistress Claimed Bill Clinton Regularly Pranced Around in Her Black Nightie

One of Bill Clinton’s alleged ex-lovers, former Miss Arkansas Sally Miller, claimed that he would regularly jump into her frilly black nightgown and dance around while playing the sax as they were having their illicit affair.

They allegedly had sexual relations throughout 1983 when Clinton was serving as Arkansas Governor. Miller claimed his lovemaking was mediocre at best, but he would always bash his wife Hillary and divulge intimate secrets about his frigid and unappealing wife.

Before Miller released her tell-all memoir in 2016, she reported that she was being stalked and receiving threatening phone calls which prompted her to sleep next to a fully-loaded semi-automatic firearm every night. She claim in a social media post that if she were to suddenly die via suicide, similar to what recently happened to disgraced sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein, nobody should believe it.

“She doesn’t care what I say about Bill, that’s old news,” Miller said to the Daily Mail, referring to Hillary. “But I think she wonders what Bill told me. I think she wonders how much I know about her that came from Bill.”

Miller confirmed rumors that Hillary is a lesbian, and that the marriage between Bill and she has been ruse to fuel each other’s ruthless political ambitions all these years.

“… Bill didn’t mind telling me that Hillary doesn’t like sex,” Miller said. “I take him at his word and he told me she liked females more than men. She was the child of a more progressive community. She was exposed to all the liberals, she was a flower child.”

“Hillary does drugs too, that’s the only time that she would entertain the idea – again, this is what Bill told me,” she added.

Bill was apparently sexually frustrated with Hillary, as he wanted the former Miss Arkansas to come over to his home and show Hillary how to please a man.

“While we were intimately involved he would say things like ‘gosh you need to come over and teach Hillary a few things.’ He said she probably wouldn’t take to that idea much,” Miller said.

Miller claimed she had her affair with Clinton when she was 44 years of age and seven years older than the young Arkansas political prodigy at the time. They had originally met when she was senate aide at the Arkansas State Capitol in the 1970s and frequently talked to the upstart Clinton at fundraisers and other events.

“Bill is not the most handsome man. But he makes you feel like your breasts are the right size, your legs are the perfect length, you have an incredible body and on top of all that you’re beautiful. There are not many men that can make a woman feel that way,” Miller said, confirming that Slick Willie can be quite the charmer.

While it may have been easy to discount Miller’s claims as salacious innuendo meant to sell books, the painting of Clinton uncovered on the late Epstein’s property adds a new air of credibility to Miller’s allegations.

If Miller’s stories of Clinton’s cross-dressing are true, Clinton may conceivably have posed in that dress while that painting was being rendered.

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