FLASHBACK: Joe Biden Called for (Since Exonerated) Police Officer to be Charged in Shooting of Armed Fugitive Jacob Blake

Joe Biden called for the police officer involved in the shooting of August shooting Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin to be criminally charged. He’s since been exonerated.

Joe Biden said that the police officers who responded to the 911 call about Blake need to be charged. Biden had visited the Wisconsin city as riots exploded following the shooting of Blake, defending the street riot movement and condemning President Trump’s support of law enforcement.

Biden also personally spoke with Blake and met his family, touting him as a victim without much consideration for the legal basis for the use of force in his shooting.

Critics of the Black Lives Matter movement were quick to point out that Blake- who was wanted on a felony sexual assault warrant at the time- resisted arrest while armed with a knife, and was stealing his ex-girlfriend’s car when he was shot. Blake’s apologists lied when they claimed he was unarmed, with Blake recently admitting that he reached for a knife while resisting arrest during the incident.

Officer Rusten Sheskey has since been exonerated, with a left-leaning Kenosha County District Attorney declining to file criminal charges against him following a lengthy investigation into the August shooting. DA Michael Graveley cited the incontrovertible evidence indicating that Blake was armed when he was shot, clearing Sheskey in January.

If Biden had been President following the shooting, it’s possible that his Department of Justice could have moved to secure a false conviction. Biden’s kneejerk call for criminal charges in a clear case of justified force casts serious doubt on his ability to coordinate with local law enforcement, who are tasked with dealing with a massive increase in violent crimes and homicides spurred by the onslaught of the Black Lives Matter street terror movement.

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