FLASHBACK: Joe Biden Has “No Empathy” for Young Americans

Joe Biden shamelessly declared his total lack of sympathy for young Americans in January, openly stating that he had “no empathy” for the concerns of the nation’s youth.

Biden was promoting his book in an event with a Los Angeles Times journalist, and struck a tone that could be called completely callous about Millennial and Generation Z Americans.

The younger generation now tells me how tough things areā€”give me a break. No, no, I have no empathy for it, give me a break.

Biden went on to claim that Americans of previous generations were better at improving their life circumstances and “changing the world.” The former Vice President conveniently chose not to mention the far more generous economic circumstances enjoyed by those of his own generation, that included far more affordable costs of living, education, housing and better job prospects.

If Biden were to run a presidential campaign exclusively seeking to advance the interests of older Americans-writing off the youth of the United States as mere whiners- it could open a path for President Trump and other conservatives to widen their appeal to American youth. Tucker Carlson has spoken of policies that would enable the right wing to appeal to young Americans, including holding the handsomely debt-funded and left-wing university system accountable for a portion of the massive student loan debt incurred by young Americans.

It’s possible that the geriatric career politician could face a backlash in the Democratic Party for his callous slight to young people, a critical constituency on the left. Should Biden defeat President Trump in the 2020 election, he would be sworn in as the oldest President in American history at the beginning of his term, being a ripe 77 years old on inauguration day.

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