FLASHBACK: Joe Walsh Exploded at his Constituents in UNHINGED Rant at Town Hall

One-term Republican Congressman Joe Walsh has mounted a primary challenge to President Donald Trump, and from the looks of it the tone of his campaign is completely out of touch with Republican voters.

But this wouldn’t be the first time Walsh has stood sharply in opposition to Republicans and conservatives.

The one-term Congressman, who was elected in a fluke in 2010 before being retired by now-Senator Tammy Duckworth, furiously exploded at some of his own constituents in an irate 2011 rant.

Walsh simply couldn’t believe that some of his constituents were blaming the executives of corporate mega-banks for setting off the 2007 financial crisis. He repeated a set of free market talking points, completely refusing to acknowledge that the banks had any role in crashing the economy, even though they accepted an unprecedented bailout from the middle-class taxpayer after gambling and losing everything.

Watch the hilariously out of touch rant here:

Don’t blame banks, and don’t blame the marketplace for the mess we’re in right now.

What a joke.

Walsh’s rant serves as a embarrassing reminder for conservatives that there was in fact a time where their political leaders simply refused to ever even consider the possibility of corporate power being malevolent or destructive. During the early stages of the 2007 crisis, many Republicans simply refused to assign even the slightest blame to the globalist corporations for the mess they played a crucial role in creating.

Conservatives have become far more willing to criticize the oligarchic alliance of big business and big government that created the 2007 crisis Walsh speaks of ever since Donald Trump’s revolutionary 2016 campaign.

Walsh seems just as committed today to the stale, false conventional wisdom he was heard furiously demanding his own constituents accept in his 2011 rant. We’ll see how such thinking plays out with Republican voters.

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