FLASHBACK: Kamala Harris Wants Every State to Have a Power Grid like California’s

California is a poster child for renewable energy. So much so that vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris has boasted about it being a model for the rest of the country to follow.

In a tweet back in 2016, she stated “CA ensures that 1/3 of electricity is from renewable sources. Here’s how we can make it a model nationwide:”

She followed up with a tweet in 2017 where she revealed that “California is on track to get 50% of our electricity from renewable sources by 2020, a decade ahead of schedule. We will continue to lead even when this Administration won’t. https://www.sfchronicle.com/business/article/California-may-reach-50-renewable-power-goal-by-12354313.php

However, the state’s recent heatwave is putting its energy infrastructure to the test. Throughout August, California was subject to rolling blackouts.

Charlotte Whelan of Townhall noted one particular worrisome aspect about these blackouts:

It’s not just the lights that are out. Critically, it’s the HVAC systems, too. Summer blackouts are hot. This puts residents’ health at risk due to excessive heat exposure and further challenges all those working from home during this pandemic. All of this is due to an overly-aggressive push in the state to increase renewable energy dependency, despite not having the technology to make it reliable for Californian residents.

Whelan added how other states can’t even help California out when it can’t meet its energy needs:

This is an extreme example of the difficulties posed by the intermittent nature of many renewable energy sources. California usually can make up for the lost solar power by importing electricity from other Western states, as well as by using energy generated at the natural gas-fired power plants in California. But with the heat wave hitting across the Western US, other states have less excess power to help California make up the deficit.

The blackouts were actually easy to see coming. Leading officials at California’s power grid warned about the inevitability of the blackouts if a heat wave struck the Western United States. Stuck on its renewable energy fanaticism, California did not heed these warnings and restructure its energy infrastructure to confront this problem.

It is rather strange that California doesn’t consider nuclear energy, which hardly emits greenhouse gases compared to sources of energy. Unfortunately, for a leftist movement that is fanatically obsessed with wind and solar energy, this will not come up for consideration.

California has become a trend-setter for wacky leftist policies— from gun control to heavy taxation. Naturally, hundreds of thousands of Californians are fleeing the state for greener pastures.

It is doubtful that the state will learn the error of its ways.

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