FLASHBACK: Matt Damon Defended Men From Baseless Sexual Misconduct Allegations Last Year

A prominent Hollywood actor who appeared on Saturday Night Live as “angry Brett Kavanaugh” once defended men against baseless allegations of sexual misconduct during the middle of the #MeToo movement.

“Ten years ago, if you made a claim against me and I had a big movie coming out – I had a $100 million movie coming out, or a I had a movie that was personally important to me coming out – and close to the release of that film you say, ‘Matt Damon grabbed my butt and stuck his tongue down my throat,’ we’d then go to mediation and organize a settlement,” said Matt Damon in an ABC news interview in December 2017.

“I’d go ‘I don’t want this out there'” he said. “Now with the internet – not that the internet wasn’t there ten years ago – but now with social media, these stories, it’s like they get gasoline poured on them. So if you make that same claim to me today, I’d be scorched earth. I’d go ‘I don’t care if it costs me $10 million to fight this in court with you for ten years, you’re not taking my name from me. You’re not taking my name and my reputation from me because I worked too hard for it and you can’t just blow me up like that.'”

In context, Damon was protecting disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, attempting to minimize rape claims against him by saying that they were amplified by social media.

But when it comes someone he does not like (or more accurately someone his Hollywood friends told him he should not like) – an honorable Republican judge with an exemplary record of public service, Damon is not as kind. Why defend Kavanaugh when you can protect an actual rapist like Harvey Weinstein and keep your social clout in Hollywood.

In Saturday night’s skit, Damon ridiculed Kavanaugh for being angry after his good name was smeared by unprovable allegations of sexual assault from an alleged incident from 36 years ago.

Hollywood hypocrisy at its finest.

WATCH the interview, posted by Adam Baldwin here:


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