FLASHBACK: Neocon Nikki Haley is Charlie Kirk’s Pick To Replace Trump

Turning Point founder Charlie Kirk has been under fire by members of the Dissident Right for his hypocrisy on free speech.

Claiming to be a champion of fighting against censorship, Kirk has recently placed the clamps on nationalist figures like Nick Fuentes at events like Politicon.

Ever since going on Turning Point’s “Culture War” tour, Kirk has faced increased pressure from Dissident Right questioners who believe he is too soft on issues like immigration.

After being repeatedly pressed on issues such as immigration, it has become clear to many diehard America First supporters that Kirk’s leadership of Turning Point does not provide a genuine platform for nationalists.

However, for those who have been Kirk skeptics from the start, his behavior was to be expected.

After all, many forget that Kirk had very positive words for establishment figure Nikki Haley back in 2018. Kirk statedI think Nikki Haley will make a wonderful first female President after Trump finishes his second term.”

Haley made a name for herself as governor of South Carolina and then as President Donald Trump’s U.N. ambassador.

Now, there is speculation that she is positioning herself for the presidency in 2024 and beyond.

As a board member of Boeing, a Haley administration would likely keep America’s global democratic crusades intact.

On top of that, she would maintain the political establishment’s mass migration policies.

Given Kirk’s affinity to Haley and her ideas, it’s no surprise why he would attack the more genuine elements of the American Right.

For Kirk, any kind of movement that reverses the invade the world, invite the world agenda of the political class is a major threat. A Haley administration would keep this gravy train going. Kirk and his Big Business boosters would like to keep it that way.



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