FLASHBACK: A Bunch Of Times Trump Told Obama War In Syria Was Really Really Stupid

As an U.S. announcement on action in Syria is imminent according to reports, it’s important to remember the advice President Trump gave President Obama years ago.

The tweets paint a very clear picture.

In this one from August 29th, 2013, Trump correctly identifies that a strike in Syria will cost American taxpayers a fortune.


Not only was debt on the mind of the future President that day, but also the fact that President Obama should follow the process outlined in the Constitution and ask Congress to approve the strike. The cost of the strike can be debated in Congress and it they deemed it too expensive, then Congress could vote it down.



Not only are there financial costs, but lives are at stake, and the reputation of the United States is on the line.


Many times Trump said he wouldn’t get involved in Syria. Something that changed in 2017.




He started being very explicit stating plainly “Don’t attack Syria.”


“Forget Syria and make America great again!”


Trump even called out Obama for trying to “save face.” He said there is zero reason to do it and that we should focus on rebuilding our country.


Trump’s prediction was correct that a military option would be a disaster. In just a few short weeks, none of the bombing had changed the state of affairs. Actually, it had made them much worse.


Of course, the military action initiated by Obama led to widespread instability and chaos. This meant many Syrians were displaced and the international community demanded that America accept the refugees.



Intervention in Syria will not go any different than Iraq, Afghanistan or the last time when Obama got involved.

Like President-elect Trump said in December of 2016, we want “stability not chaos.” We want ” a new foreign policy that finally learns from the mistakes of the past.”

In other words, Mr. President, please listen to your own advice and instincts on this one.




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