FLASHBACK: Tucker Carlson Laughs in Charlie Kirk’s Face for Defending Economic Status Quo

FOX News host Tucker Carlson laughed in the face of Turning Point USA (TPUSA) founder Charlie Kirk last December when he tried to push his neoliberal talking points as they shared the stage at the TPUSA Student Action Summit in West Palm Beach, FL.

Carlson had Kirk flustered as he criticized the watered-down libertarian ideology that has become trendy in conservative circles in recent years. Kirk’s acolytes in the audience were not happy, but Carlson continued to challenge their ideology regardless.

Carlson mentioned that corporate power is using force to crush public dissent to globalism, and explained how Big Tech and other monolithic private companies have emerged as the biggest threat to free speech in recent years.

The FOX News host explained the foundation for his conception of right-wing nationalism, and how the country must work for the people and not a class of think-tank employees funded by billionaires in Washington D.C.

Carlson has been the loudest “America First” voice in the media for years now, using his prime time TV show to argue against free market conservative dogma that hasn’t conserved much of anything over the past generation except for corporate profits.

He has been particularly harsh toward the Koch network, which has used its endless wealth to push free trade and open borders in the Republican Party for decades and now is cutting off President Trump from its immense coffers heading into next year’s election.

Carlson blasted the Koch network during a segment on his show in June:

Carlson mentioned that the Koch Bros are “libertarian ideologues” whose policy platform has little in common with conservatives at all, noting that their advocacy of open borders even makes socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) look conservative by comparison.

The Koch Bros and their functionaries have been lobbying relentlessly to make sure that Trump’s ‘America First’ immigration policies are undermined for the benefit of their corporate profit margins. Carlson pointed out that their efforts have sadly been very effective as the borders are “more porous than ever.”

Carlson noted that the Kochs’ lobbying has also resulted in more criminals being let back onto the streets.

He also pointed out that the Kochs lobby to cut entitlements, keep prescription drug prices higher for consumers, slash taxes for the richest one percent, and protect usurious banking practices.

The Koch Bros have even formed an alliance with progressive financier George Soros, leftist thought-control groups like the Anti-Defamation League, and Silicon Valley tech monopolists to facilitate Big Brother censorship against right-wing dissidents, as Carlson explained.

With the recent movement of young “America First” nationalists challenging Kirk at TPUSA events, it appears that authenticity may be on the rise within the American right after decades of the movement being dictated solely by corporate dollars.

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