Flint Police Draw Heat After Tasing Handcuffed Woman And Refusing To Provide Badge Number

Brutality or standard procedure? A recently posted video from Flint, Michigan showed two police officers tasing a woman after they had just begun her arrest. Officers on the scene denied any wrongdoing in the incident, which was caught on camera by another civilian. The responding LEO additionally refused to identify themselves by name or badge number following the event.

Flint Police told reporters at The Daily Beast that the suspect was facing charges for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and assaulting a law enforcement officer.

The altercation was captured on video by Amanda LaMielle, who reportedly is a 47-year-old educator who happened to be out in Downtown Flint on July 29th around 10:30 pm, around when the arrest happened.

“When you see her feet go up … her body is just a noodle, and so her feet fall back down. She falls down to the ground,” LaMielle said when describing the officer’s first attempts to place the woman in their vehicle.

“They just move in closely and start tasing her, hoping that nobody’s going to notice. But obviously, I did,” she continued.

LaMielle explicitly asked for the police to identify themselves by both name and badge number before being met with a refusal.

Flint Police Department’s Det. Sgt. Tyrone Booth denied that the officers had committed any type of wrongdoing, telling The Daily Beast, “the officers’ actions are not being investigated.”

“We are aware of the video—our agency have reviewed the video and there are no department violations.”

Booth also stressed that being put under arrest by officers is not a choice, but rather an order that one must comply with promptly in order to avoid further issues.

“After being told you’re placed under arrest, it’s not a suggestion, or an invitation to cooperate,” Booth told WNEM.

“An obligation at that point is to submit to that arrest and doing that by turning around and placing your hands behind your back and accepting the fact that handcuffs will be put on you.”

The detective sergeant also addressed why the officers would not reveal their identity to LaMielle, saying, “they were quite busy dealing with an arrest.”

In another LEO-related news, a group of police officers in Berekely, California have drawn controversey after they decided to not arrest an alleged predator caught trying to meet up with children randing from the ages of 1, 6, and 9 in a string operation. More on that below:

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