Florida Congressman Introduces Legislation To Establish Minimum Age of 25 to Purchase Semi-Automatic Firearms

Moskowitz proposes federal law to set minimum age of 25 to buy semiautomatic firearms, including AR-15-style rifles

Earlier in May, Florida Congressman Jared Moskowitz introduced a bill that would raise the minimum age to purchase semi-automatic firearms.

Should this legislation be passed, individuals under the age of 25 would not be allowed to buy a range of weapons. Semi-automatic rifles, which includes “all AK types,” such as the AK-47, and “all AR types,” such as the AR-15, in addition to semi-automatic pistols and shotguns are covered under this ban.

This legislation was introduced on May 9, 2023 Tuesday. Due to Republican control of the House (222 to 213), this bill will immediately die.

Representatives from Gun Owners of America believe the Florida Congressman’s proposal is unconstitutional, would eventually be overturned by the courts, and there are more effective alternatives to stop individuals who would bring harm to others.

“Americans’ Second Amendment rights are not second-class rights subject to the whims of politicians, and this legislation would grossly infringe on the right to keep and bear arms. Imagine the outrage if this Congressman instead introduced a bill to raise the voting age to 25,” Aidan Johnston, GOA’s director of federal affairs, said in an email correspondence. “Instead of flouting the Constitution and his oath of office, Mr. Moskowitz should work to harden soft targets and deter violent criminals by reducing barriers to carrying for self-defense.”

Luis Valdes, the Florida state director of Gun Owners of America, described Moskowitz’s bill as a “blatant assault on the Second Amendment” and “a slap in the face to the Congressman’s constituents, who simply want to exercise their right to self-defense how they see fit. But, under this dystopian bill, if someone hasn’t reached 25 yet, they simply would be out of luck.”

While Florida is a solid Republican state, its gun laws still need work.

For example, in 2018, then-Governor Rick Scott signed SB 7026 which enacted a bump stock ban, increased the age to buy a firearm, and established a red flag gun confiscation order. 

Such measures must be repealed if the state truly wants to rejoin the ranks of pro-gun jurisdictions. However, as long as the likes of Jared Moskowitz are regularly elected for higher office, Florida will continue to lag behind other pro-gun states in terms of its gun laws.

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