Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz is Mulling a Senate Run in Alabama

Firebrand Conservative Congressman Matt Gaetz is allegedly putting feelers out for a Senate run in Alabama.

The Hill reports that several Congressmen have indicated that Gaetz is considering a run for statewide office. Gaetz currently represents Florida’s first congressional district, which is close to the Florida panhandle that borders Alabama.

Gaetz is in his second House term and has proven to be a staunch ally of President Trump on matters of immigration and defending him against the FBI’s concerted efforts to undermine his presidency.

On top of that, Gaetz has voted against defense interests on multiple occasions regarding the Yemen conflict.

Some individuals “in Trump’s orbit” are prodding Gaetz to run.

Sources close to Gaetz, 36, said that “people in Trump’s orbit” are personally encouraging the sophomore congressman to run for the Senate seat now held by freshman Sen. Doug Jones (D-Ala.). Those Trump allies are pointing to Alabama’s liberal requirement that people can run for the Senate so long as they are 30 years old and have been a resident for a minimum of one day.

The 2020 U.S Senate election in Alabama could potentially give Gaetz an opportunity compete for an open senate seat. Democratic Senator Doug Jones holds the seat at the moment after defeating Roy Moore in the general election.

Gaetz has not confirmed nor denied these rumors of a 2020 Senate run.

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