Florida Congresswoman Anna Eskamani Calls for Libs of TikTok to be Kicked Off Shopify

Florida House of Representatives member Anna Eskamani is calling for Libs of TikTok to be booted off e-commerce platform Shopify. 

The reason that Eskamani wants Shopify to kick Libs of TikTok off its platform is that the account used the word “groomer” in a promo code that it offered to fans purchasing its merchandise. 

Libs of TikTok has built a reputation for exposing cultural leftists when they act in an incredibly anti-social manner in public and private venues. 

Didi Rankovic of Reclaim the Net observed that the “The term ‘groomer’ seems to be one of the latest additions to the censored ‘slur; category; until only recently it was a legitimate way to describe adults who manipulate children (but also sometimes other adults) in order to eventually abuse them in some way.”

With Libs of TikTok using this term, groomer is now classified as a slur against members of the sexually deviant community by members of said community and their allies. 

Eskamani is not spearheading this push to deplatform Libs of TikTok but is jumping on a broader two-minutes hate campaign against the watchdog organization. 

Media Matters got the ball rolling by publishing a piece where it attacked Libs of TikTok by drawing attention to its Shopify campaign and its previous content that dealt with transgenderism, use of pronouns, and similar topics that animate the cultural Left. 

Rankovic noted that “One of the Libs’ posts showed an incident during a ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ held in a public library when drag queens reportedly exposed themselves in front of children.”

Journalist Alejandro Caraballo was one of the principal actors that helped kick off the demonization campaign directed towards Libs of TikTok. She tweeted, “LoTT (Libs of TikTok) is openly using the anti-LGBTQ slur ‘GROOMERS’ as a discount code on Shopify’s platform.”

Florida Press Secretary Christina Pushaw responded to this drama by expressing her shock that an elected official like Eskamani would be “using her position to push a company to deplatform a private citizen due to a political disagreement.”

The entire controversy surrounding the term “groomer” emerged during the debates about Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill, which Pushaw described as the “anti-grooming” bill. 

The aim of the legislation is to restrict the use of gender identity and other culturally leftist curricula in classrooms with young children.

Florida’s anti-grooming legislation has opened up an uncomfortable discussion about how degenerate classrooms have become. As more parents have become horrified at learning about what their children are being taught, they’re starting to look for alternatives in education models and are revolting against corrupt school boards. 

As the pushback grows more intense by the day, the powers that be have responded by censoring anyone who mentions the word “groomer.” 

That’s how you know the elites are truly scared of the masses. Engaging in censorship is the behavior of a ruling class that is unsure of their power.

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