Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Puts Babylon Bee on His Campaign Payroll, Site Immediately Starts Putting Out Anti-Trump Propaganda

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is paying the Babylon Bee, a conservative satire website, and, surprise surprise, they are now producing propaganda against Donald Trump heading into the 2024 presidential primary.

Some of the anti-Trump propaganda produced by the Babylon Bee on DeSantis’ behalf can be seen here:

Journalist Laura Loomer found the receipts and posted evidence showing that DeSantis and his affiliated political action committee paid over $20,000 to the Babylon Bee.

Loomer followed up with Babylon Bee owner Seth Dillon who said that DeSantis was paying off his satire page for “consulting”, “joke/speech writing”, and “helping him find funny angles.”

Big League Politics reported on DeSantis’ history of supporting brutal lockdowns during the COVID pandemic, shuttering church services and then shilling for the experimental vaccine:

A common trope from supporters of the likely presidential run of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is that he stopped COVID lockdowns in his state during the height of the pandemic while President Donald Trump was pushing them from the White House.

But the record shows that this is not what occurred. DeSantis used his authority as governor to enforce lockdowns, shuttering businesses, and use the power of the state to punish noncompliance with his edicts.

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