Florida Governor DeSantis Appropriating $8 Million to Resettle Illegals in Martha’s Vineyard, Delaware

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is requesting $8 million dollars to transport illegal aliens out of Florida in his 2022 state budget, suggesting he’d move the illegals to elite Democrat strongholds such as Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware and Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.

The Freedom First Budget includes $8 million to implement a program to assist the state’s efforts to protect against harms resulting from illegal immigration, and may include the transport of unauthorized aliens located within the state to other states within the United States of America, or the District of Columbia,” reads DeSantis’ brief on his 2022 budget.

The elite Democrats of suburban Delaware and Martha’s Vineyard are notoriously hypocritical regarding the resettlement of migrants in their home communities, despite their own fanatic insistence that red-leaning communities and states take as many illegal migrants and refugees are possible.

In a press conference, DeSantis made the case for luxury-white-liberals to share the costs of illegal immigration through the resettlement of migrants in their own gated communities and towns.

If you sent [illegal immigrants] to Delaware or Martha’s Vineyard or some of these places, that border would be secure the next day,” DeSantis predicted.

DeSantis had previously pledged to resettle illegal aliens in Delaware as a gift to President Biden. Biden’s home town of Greenville has some of the highest property values in the country, with a population that is 86% white. The President would be hard pressed to deny that the resettlement of illegals would bring sorely needed diversity, vibrancy and tolerance to his community.

President Joe Biden has adopted a policy of illegal alien resettlement in secrecy, flying in planeloads of migrants from the southern border to purple, electorally competitive American states such as Florida by night. The President has broken the single-year record for illegal immigration in American history, with the nation’s porous, open border abandoned to the mercy of ruthless cartel criminals, drug smugglers, and economic migrants seeking world-class welfare, public services, and free education.

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