Florida Man Matt Gaetz Supports America First Candidates in Florida Congressional Races

America First candidate and staunch Trump ally Matt Gaetz has endorsed Judson Sapp and Laura Loomer a week before primary elections are taking place in Florida.

“I need the type of backup in Congress that can be provided with a great candidate like Judson Sapp. He’s already been right there fighting with us and supporting the America First agenda. When he joins us in Washington, he’ll do even more to help advance the Trump agenda” Gaetz said.

Sapp is a member of the Trump Victory Committee and has hosted the Trump family at his home and fundraised over $200,000 for President Trump’s re-election effort. In addition, he has hosted Roget Stone in Florida’s 3rd congressional district several times, which helped Stone with fundraising efforts for his legal defense fund.

Sapp said, “Matt Gaetz is the strongest ally of our President in Congress. He is a tireless fighter for the Trump America First agenda.  I’m honored to have the support of my friend Matt Gaetz.”

Florida’s 3rd district is a safe Republican district, which has been a solidly Republican seat since 2012. During the same GOP event where Gaetz announced his endorsement of businessman Judson Sapp, he additionally endorsed the renowned Dissident Right journalist Laura Loomer, who is running for Florida’s 21st district.

While giving a speech at the Palm Beach County Lobsterfest, Gaetz commented on Loomer’s campaign:

And when we find folks who they try to disappear or silence because they chose to speak out, we need to have their back! And that’s why I’m proud to endorse Laura Loomer for Congress.

Loomer recently raised over $1 million in her campaign against incumbent Democrat Losi Frankel.

In a quote to The Gateway Pundit, Loomer praised Gaetz and said she wants to be a freedom fighter:

I am honored to receive endorsements of my candidacy from Republican political icon Roger Stone and Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, who is arguably one of the best fighters we have In Congress in the Republican Party.

I look forward to being a freedom fighter in Congress with him next year after I flip Florida’s 21st District Red in November. Together, we are going to be a great team for Florida, the American people, and President Trump. I’m also very excited that Roger Stone will be joining me on the campaign trail now that he has been granted clemency by President Trump.

BLP previously covered Loomer’s battles with Big Tech. Loomer has been a controversial figure whose attacks against mass migration and political correctness have made her a target for Big Tech gatekeepers.

Although she has been muzzled shut, Loomer has taken advantage of using political campaigns to continue to get her message across. This may be the way to go moving forward for political commentators who get deplatformed.

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