Florida Rep. Files Bill to Repeal Last Year’s Republican Gun Control Law

Florida’s gun control status quo is about to get a shakeup.

State Representative Mike Hill just introduced HB 175 which would roll back the gun control package former Governor Rick Scott signed into law in the wake of the Stoneman Douglas Shooting.

The Stoneman Douglas Shooting, in which shooter Nikolas Cruz killed 17 people, gave anti-gun activists a massive boost nationwide. Amid the gun control hysteria, Florida politicians were pressured to do something. Instead of standing with gun owners, Rick Scott signed SB 7026 into law that raised the age to purchase a firearm from 18 to 21 along with other restrictions.

Florida’s mass shooting created a significant ripple effect across the nation as numerous states followed suit with their own red flag laws and bump stock bans. With Democrats now in control of the U.S. House, they have wasted no time in introducing a Universal Background Check bill of their own.

However, gun owners are not content with sitting on the sidelines. Mike Hill’s HB 175 represents a firm pushback against the Florida Republicans who decided to placate the anti-gun media instead of doing what’s right.

HB 175 repeals the following:

  • The unconstitutional mandate that forbids millions of law-abiding adults age 18-21 from purchasing a firearm.
  • Red flag gun confiscation orders that have already been used to strip hundreds of Floridians of their firearms without due process.
  • The waiting period on firearms purchases that delay many individuals the right to protect themselves and their families.

Not only would HB 175 correct the anti-gun shenanigans from 2018, but it will also serve as a springboard for other pro-gun legislation to emerge.

Gun owners should keep an eye on what’s happening in Florida.  With new Governor Ron Desantis, who stated that he would have vetoed Scott’s gun grab, we may see a strong pushback against gun control.

Time will only tell if Hill and other pro-gun representatives can muster enough support to repeal Rick Scott’s gun grab. Nevertheless, the 2019 Florida State Legislature will be host to one of the most closely watched state fights against gun control.

Gun owners must remember that state level politics should never be ignored. This is where aspiring politicos cut their teeth in. To beat back the federal gun control status quo, we must first start cleaning up our backyards. Florida would be a great place for gun owners to cut off anti-gun momentum.




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