Florida REPUBLICAN Senators Sellout Gun Owners by Voting for Massive Gun Grab

Last week, AmmoLand reported that Senate President Bill Galvano is pushing another gun control scheme in complete disregard of the Second Amendment rights of thousands of law-abiding Floridian gun owners.

It’s an open secret that Galvano was one of the primary architects of the “Parkland Gun Control Bill,” SB 7026.

Now, he’s back at it again. After receiving a cool check of $500,000 from Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, Galvano is pushing SB 7028, another anti-gun bill.

House Speaker Jose Oliva and Governor Ron DeSantis are opposing this gun control bill, who both received praise from Marion Hammer, the Executive Director of the United Sportsmen of Florida.

SB 7028 was in the Committee on Infrastructure & Security and establishes a “two-pronged” Universal Background Check system.

In a statement, Hammer argued that “it is clearly meant to simply ban all private sales of firearms through red tape and fear.”

Because of the red tape contained in the bill, no law-abiding person would be able to comply with this legislation.

According to Dara Kam of The News Service of Florida, the Senate Infrastructure and Security Committee passed SB 7028 last week which “would close the gun-show “loophole,” create a record-keeping system for private gun sales and set aside $5 million to establish a “statewide strategy for violence prevention.”

In addition, this legislation mandates background checks and a three-day waiting for firearms sold “on property to which the public has the right of access,” such as “a flea market, a gun show, or a firearm exhibit.”

That’s not all.

Kam noted the following:

The proposal would impose new requirements for private gun sales. Under the measure, individuals who sell guns to other people would be required to fill out a form that would include the name, date of birth and identification information of the purchaser. The affidavit, which would include background questions aimed at ensuring the purchaser is eligible to buy a gun, would have to be notarized.

Five Republican Senators approved this bill, as it was unanimously passed in the panel.

Florida has shown that both parties are willing to sell-out gun owners on Second Amendment issues.

This is all part of the process that anti-gun elites want to see through.

Their endgame is the elimination of the private gun ownership through death by a thousand regulations.


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