Florida State Government Files Lawsuit Against the Biden Administration for its Disastrous Immigration Measures

On September 28, 2021  the state of Florida filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration for its immigration policy, which it believes is illegal. That same day Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed an order preventing state agencies from aiding with the relocation of illegal aliens arriving in the state. 

DeSantis’ order granted the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Florida Highway Patrol the power “to detain any aircraft, bus, or other vehicle within the State of Florida reasonably believed to be transporting illegal aliens to Florida from the Southwest Border”.

In addition, DeSantis ordered the agencies to collect information on the identities of any illegal aliens entering Florida who originally came from the Mexican border. In addition, he instructed state agencies to not spend money helping those immigrants unless they are required to do so per state law.

Democratic State Representative Anna Eskamani attacked DeSantis, asserting he’s using immigration as a way to rile up his grassroots conservative base instead of concentrating on issues that are supposedly more pressing in the Sunshine State.

“He is completely bonkers and just wants to distract everyday people from real life issues,” she said. “We have an affordable housing crisis, we have climate change to worry about, we have folks that can’t find a good paying job. There’s so many issues around us and this is what he chooses.”

Attorney General Ashley Moody’s lawsuit makes the case that the Biden administration’s immigration policy will bring about immense financial costs and harm the state overall.

“While some arriving migrants have legitimate asylum claims, many do not. Some are gang members and drug traffickers exploiting the crisis at the border, as evidenced by the skyrocketing amount of Fentanyl seized at the border this year,” the suit stated.

Moody and DeSantis recently organized a news conference in southwest Florida where both of them strongly criticized the Biden administration’s immigration measures and spoke positively of former President Donald Trump’s approach to immigration.

“President Biden is aiding and abetting criminal cartels,” Moody stated.

DeSantis is viewed as one of the strongest 2024 presidential candidates thanks in large part to his staunch opposition to draconian Wuhan virus lockdowns that have been implemented in other blue states.

Recognizing that the Biden administration has become increasingly negligent on immigration matters, the Florida government is using this lawsuit as a vote of no-confidence against an administration that favors open borders. Other Republicans and conservative figures should look to Florida for inspiration on public policy. 

This approach is what will activate the grassroots base and allow for Republicans to cruise to victory in the 2022 midterms and eventually the 2024 general election. 

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