Florida Takes On College Leftists

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Florida Takes On College Leftists-Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed legislation on Tuesday that will, among other provisions, effectively end lifetime tenure for professors at his state’s public universities by requiring them to undergo review by their respective university’s board of trustees every five years. 

The goal of this legislation is to regulate fringe practices and keep radical professors from gaining lifetime appointments that allow them to indoctrinate students unchecked.

The move comes on the heels of DeSantis removing critical race theory from public school classrooms, in a huge win for Florida parents.


Speaking on the new legislation, DeSantis explained that, “Tenure was there to protect people,” adding that it no longer serves that role in higher education.

He later said that the legislation would “Dismantle the accreditation monopoly” and “provide transparency to the curriculum.” The new law even requires syllabi to be posted online to avoid any underhanded attempts to recreate the, as DeSantis calls them, “intellectually repressive environments” that its passage is meant to address.

The Florida governor has already acknowledged the destructive force that radical leftists working as teachers and professors have had on society. But this is real policy that deals with an insidious and enduring issue that is destroying higher education in this country. And other states may very well follow Florida’s lead.


Florida Takes On College Leftists-

And, of course, what would any good policy be without the masses of know-nothings swarming, recycling whatever criticism they saw on their Twitter feed. Some critics complained that good professors won’t work in Florida now that they aren’t guaranteed lifetime employment — that sounds nice — or because they won’t be able to teach fringe ideas as accepted fact. But it’s safe to say that teachers with those priorities are probably not the kind of teachers Florida is seeking right now.


Florida Takes On College Leftists-

Anyone who has attended a public university in the last 15 years knows what the concern here is — reportedly, even further back than that. From the professors to the curriculum, these colleges have become full-on indoctrination facilities preaching the ideas that are destroying America. 

Isolated from loved ones and ill-equipped to navigate the intricacies of complex subjects, college students are incredibly vulnerable to adopting radical ideas dictated to them as objective truth by authority figures.


The problem is that we, as a society, have just accepted it. “Kids go off to liberal colleges; that’s just how things work here,” is what we’ve come to expect now. But Florida shows us all that the policies in place in our leftist university system — and beyond — could be changed overnight, should the people push back and get the right leadership into government.

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Florida Takes On College Leftists




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