Florida’s Teacher Carry Law Went into Effect on October 1

On October 1, 2019, Florida’s teacher carry law went into effect.

Under SB 7030, teachers would be allowed to concealed carry during their work day provided that they go through 140 hours of training and pass an extensive background check and psychological exam.

However, not every school district will allow teacher carry.

Miami Dade and Orlando will continue to hire police officers to provide security.

Tracking the number of teachers carrying in Florida’s will be a difficult task in the near future.

The law features language which requires anonymity about who decides to carry and what schools they work at.

This anonymity would keep shooters from finding out which teachers are carrying. It would also keep shooters on their toes, since they won’t be exactly sure if they will face armed resistance.

That anonymity would prevent a shooter from identifying teachers willing to carry.  It also could make a shooter think twice, since he can’t be sure to meet unarmed resistance.

Although Florida embraced anti-gun policies such as red flag laws in the wake of the Parkland shooting of 2018, it made up ground by passing SB 7030 thanks to a 2019 commission which recommended that teachers be armed as a means of preventing shootings.

Florida now joins states like Texas which allow teacher carry.


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