Flynn Sentencing Memo Has THREE DIFFERENT VERSIONS Of Flynn-McCabe Phone Call

The General Michael Flynn sentencing memo includes three different contradictory versions of a January 24, 2017 phone conversation between Flynn and former FBI official Andrew McCabe.

What appears to be McCabe’s version of events (Flynn called McCabe) is actually completely different than the other two versions (Flynn called McCabe).

Obviously, McCabe calling Flynn would indicate that Flynn was improperly targeted and “set up” by the FBI. (READ: Here’s How Peter Strzok Set Up General Flynn).

The world-renowned researcher D3M0 gave Big League Politics the exclusive story, sourced from the General Michael Flynn sentencing memo from U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C.

“Buried in the Flynn sentencing memo from Special Counsel Mueller we find a contradiction on who called who to set up the fateful Flynn interview,” D3M0 told BLP.

“There are 3 documents stating who called whom. Where we have Flynn saying he was called by McCabe & then McCabe saying Flynn called him. But the documents clearly show that it was in fact McCabe who called Flynn, The obvious question being why would McCabe lie and say that Flynn called him?,” D3M0 said.

Here are the 3 different documents with the 3 different versions of events:

Here is version number one: McCabe called Flynn.

Here is version number two: McCabe called Flynn, but at a different time.

Then there is this version: Flynn called McCabe.

General Flynn’s sentencing was delayed this week at the federal courthouse in Washington, D.C.

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