Following Afghanistan Disaster, Americans Turn Against Forever Wars and Military Intervention

After Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal and the complete futility of the 20-year war effort, more Americans are calling for diplomacy rather than military intervention and occupation overseas.

A poll conducted by the Eurasia Group Foundation from Aug. 27 to Sept. 1 found that 42.3 percent of Americans want more troops to be brought home from Asia, Europe and the Middle East while 32.2 percent want troop totals to remain the same or be bolstered abroad. 25.5 percent of Americans are ambivalent on the matter, according to the survey.

This shows that a firm plurality of Americans have soured on the military-industrial complex and the interventionist foreign policy that has failed repeatedly at achieving its strategic goals.

“We collected our data at a time period when the U.S. was evacuating from Afghanistan and the failures of nation-building and democracy-promotion through military means were spectacular and quite stark,” Eurasia Group Foundation senior fellow Mark Hannah said. “That might explain this uptick and a desire to do democracy promotion at home this year.”

Big League Politics has reported on how the Pentagon lied to President Donald Trump in order to keep troops overseas in actions that could be seen as blatant treason:

A Washington Post propagandist who takes paychecks from military contractor Jeff Bezos is laughing on social media about Pentagon officials lying to President Donald Trump in order to keep U.S. troops in Syria.

WaPo reporter Liz Sly laughed about the news in a couple of disgraceful Twitter posts.

“US officials have been lying to Trump – and the American people – about the true number of US troops in Syria in order to deter him from withdrawing them, according to the outgoing Syria envoy. Trump thinks it’s 200,” Sly wrote in the tweet – adding laughing while crying emojis…

After Sly was called out for being a monster, she backtracked and attempted to put the blame on President Trump for the treasonous warmongers in the military-industrial complex.

“To be clear, I am not implying this is actually funny. I used the weeping laugh because it is tragicomic. The joke is on Trump, who told so many lies, for being so easily lied to by his officials. It’s a tragedy that they think it’s OK to lie to Americans about the scope of their involvement in foreign wars. And it sets a very dangerous precedent,” she wrote…

Defense One reported the heinous news on Friday that the pawns for military contractors have deceived the president and put the troops in harm’s way.

Americans are finally waking up to the fact that the troops are not stationed abroad to protect national security interests but rather to preserve the profits of globalist defense contractors.

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