Footage Reveals Capitol Police Removing Barriers Outside of Congress, Enabling Protestors to Flow Through

Observers of the chaotic scene at the US Capitol on Wednesday are asking questions about law enforcement management of the protest, after video emerged revealing that police had moved at least one fence barrier containing the protestors.

Reports had suggested that the chaotic and unruly scene at the Capitol occurred as a result of severe undermanning, with an insufficient force of Capitol Police present at the scene to effectively and peacefully manage the massive crowd of more than a thousand Stop the Steal protestors.

A contingent of the protestors present flowed into the Capitol building itself, some breaking doors and forcing their way inside. Proceedings to certify the pending slates of the electoral college were disrupted by the intrusion, with Senator and Members of Congress being evacuated.

It’s unclear if the barriers that were moved by police cordoned off a restricted area of the Capitol grounds themselves, which was intended to be inaccessible to protestors.

One woman was later shot and killed by a member of the Capitol Police after entering the building, raising even more serious questions about the handling of the event and the entrance of protestors in the Capitol.

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