Footage Reveals Hundreds of Tampa Bay Looters Storming Walmart, Taking $100,000 in Merchandise

New footage released by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office reveals a mass looting incident at a Tampa Bay, Florida Walmart, with hundreds of looters pouring into the retail business and pillaging merchandise.

The looting spree occurred on May 30th. HCSO detectives believe around 200 people poured into the Walmart to loot the business.

Authorities are claiming that looters stole more than $100,000 in merchandise from the store. The footage was released through their investigation in the looting, and the sheriff’s department is hoping the public can assist in identifying some of the looters.

Watch the surveillance camera footage of the mass looting here:

The footage reveals the mob of looters focusing on the Walmart’s electronics section for looting purposes, where they lifted computers, televisions, and gaming consoles. The Walmart is estimating the damages from the looting spree to be around $116,000.

In an ironic twist, Walmart has come out in support of the mass protest, riot and looting movement. The megacorporation- one of the most profitable in the United States- has pledged to donate $100 million to advance “racial justice” causes in the United States, creating a boon for neoliberal academics hoping to monetize leftist identitarian lectures and “education.”

Walmart has also declined to offer an extended “coronavirus bonus” to its employees facing the hazards of staffing its stores in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic, instead opting to hand out a one-time cash bonus, even as other major retailers accept their obligation to raise wages in light of the pandemic. Such an approach allows the PR-sensitive megacorporation, which was once criticized by the Left for its refusal to page a living wage to its employees, to appear virtuous while declining to properly pay its employees for the hazards they face.

It appears the local Tampa Bay Walmart affiliate is less thrilled about the results of the nationwide riot movement, openly cooperating with the police in hopes of getting back its stolen merchandise.

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