Oregon Could Elect First Republican Governor In Four Decades Due To Failed ‘Soft On Crime’ Policies

Things are going so poorly for Democrats ahead of the 2022 midterms that for the first time in four decades, Oregon is poised to put a Republican in the governor’s mansion.

Just think about that… According to the Washington Free Beacon, Christine Drazan currently leads her Democratic opponent in a tight race.

From the outlet:

Thirty-two percent of Oregon voters say they would vote for Republican candidate Christine Drazan, according to an independent poll published by the Oregonian on Wednesday. Democratic candidate Tina Kotek is neck and neck with Drazan at 31 percent — the second time this year a poll has shown Kotek trailing behind. Independent candidate Betsy Johnson sits at 18 percent…

… The Cook Political Report and the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics have both moved the race to a “tossup” since August.

As the Washington Free Beacon states, Democrats are hellbent on keeping the state blue. With The Democratic Governors Association donating more than three million dollars to Kotek’s campaign just this year alone.

Oregon has served as a major case study for how poor Democrats’ soft on crime and drug use has been on the community.

“Nearly 90 percent of voters say the quality of life has worsened in the city, according to a February poll, and a quarter say crime is Portland’s biggest problem,” the Washington Free Beacon reported.

As Big League Politics wrote earlier this year, Oregon is facing “record-high overdoses” following hard drugs being decriminalized back in 2021.

Now, there has been a substantial increase in overdoses and drug-related deaths, hitting a 700% increase and a 120% increase respectively. 

This is notably the largest spike of fatalities stemming from opioids and fentanyl-laced methamphetamine.

This rise in deaths has morphed this 2022 election into a referendum on the liberal state’s approach to rising violent crime and rampant drug use.

2020’s BLM and Antifa uprisings didn’t help Democrats’ soft on crime policies either. As voters are starting to notice the ramifications, and they want something new.

“Kotek has largely embraced the permissive approach toward crime and drugs of outgoing Gov. Kate Brown (D.).” The Washington Free Beacon added. “As House speaker in 2020, she sided with rioters who destroyed local businesses and attacked police during summer protests.”

Kotek defended a 2020 ballot measure that decriminalized all drugs in small amounts during a debate on Tuesday. 

The law “may be imperfect,” Kotek said, but “that doesn’t mean we throw the whole thing out.” 

According to recent polls, voters are thinking otherwise.

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