FOREIGN INFLUENCE: Barack Obama Urges Canadians to Support Blackface Prime Minister Trudeau

Former President Barack Obama is actively meddling in the political affairs of Canada, urging voters to support Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in upcoming elections.

Canadians will head to the polls to decide their country’s political fate on Oct. 21. Trudeau’s support has fallen to a record low as the Conservative Party looks to regain control over the nation’s government.

Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer hopes to supplant Trudeau as Prime Minister. His approval ratings remain relatively low, however, and it is possible that the marginal party candidates – Jagmeet Singh of the New Democratic Party, Elizabeth May of the Green Party, and Yves-Francois Blanchet of Bloc Quebecois – could emerge as the kingmakers.

Even amidst a relatively strong economy, Trudeau could lose power because of his embarrassing actions. Trudeau’s popularity has cratered in part because of his embarrassing blackface scandals that emerged last month. He was caught wearing blackface on three separate occasions in his youth:

A video has emerged of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in blackface, making it the third instance that has emerged of the liberal social justice warrior engaging in the racist practice since Wednesday.

Global News Canada broke the scoop of Trudeau pictured on video in black face from the early 1990s. In the video, he can be seen waving his hands and making offensive, stereotypical gestures.

“Even though we’ve moved forward in significant ways as a government, what I did, the choices I made, hurt people — hurt people who thought I was an ally,” Trudeau said at a press conference earlier today.

“I am an ally, but this is something that obviously I deeply regret and I never should have done,” he added.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is not willing to let Trudeau off the hook for his pattern of racist displays, and does not accept the authenticity of his apologies.

“Canadians might have been able to accept his apology if he had been truthful and open, if he hadn’t based that apology on a lie,” Scheer said.

“But he was specifically asked if there were other instances where he engaged in this type of racist behavior and he indicated that there was only one other incident and now we know there are at least three,” he added.

The fall-out over blackface-gate has resulted in some surreal scenes, such as this staged Trudeau apology:

Obama is apparently unconcerned about Trudeau’s offensive racial improprieties, and is urging Canadians to rally around their disgraced Prime Minister in next week’s elections.

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