Foreign Minister of Yemen Criticizes the United States for Being Complicit in War

The Foreign Minister of Yemen Hisham Sharaf said that the United States is determined to whitewash its complicity in the Saudi-led intervention in Yemen by pretending to be worried about reaching a peace settlement in Yemen.

According to Yemeni news outlet Saba, Sharaf made the statement on April Tuesday, a few days following Joe Biden’s release of a statement celebrating the anniversary of the establishment of a UN-backed ceasefire in Yemen and stressed Washington’s “support.”

Sharaf believes that the US was “trying to evade its responsibilities” as a party culpable for fomenting the Saudi-led war and was making money from it. He wanted US authorities to demonstrate their sincere commitment to achieving peace in Yemen by taking “concrete steps on the ground” and criticizing the actions of the Saudi-led coalition.

“The countries that claim to be keen on achieving peace in Yemen should be sincere in their intentions by condemning the aggression and siege on Yemen for the ninth year in a row, stopping the supply of weapons and military experts to aggression countries, and putting pressure on the aggression countries,” Sharaf commented.

The Yemeni Foreign Minister declared that Biden’s statement and the alleged concern he manifested towards achieving peace in Yemen are “not commensurate with what America is doing in reality by providing cover for the aggression countries.”

“The United States of America is trying with such a statement to evade its responsibilities as a party that participated in the aggression and siege on Yemen, which caused the largest humanitarian crisis in contemporary history, and to present itself as a dove of peace,” he continued.

Since March 2015, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have led a campaign to prop up the previous pro-Saudi, pro-US government in Yemen. On top of that, this coalition is working to clamp down on the Ansarullah (Houthi) resistance movement. Thus far, the war has been a failure. 

The US has provided the Saudis and their coalition partners with copious amounts of weapons, intelligence, and political aid throughout this war which has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Yemenis. 

As usual, wherever the US is involved in, mass death and chaos ensues. That’s how US foreign works these days and if we want to achieve global peace, the US needs to scale back its military activity.

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