Foreign Ministers of China, Iran, Pakistan, and Russia Blame the United States for the Situation in Afghanistan

After an unofficial meeting in Samarkand, the foreign ministers of China, Iran, Pakistan, and Russia issued a statement blaming the United States and its allies for destabilizing Afghanistan. 

“The ministers noted that the US and its allies should take the responsibility for the current difficult situation in Afghanistan, immediately lift the unilateral sanctions imposed on Afghanistan and return foreign [Afghan] assets,” the statement noted, which was uploaded to the official Telegram channel of the Iranian Foreign Ministry on April 13, 2023.

China, Iran, Pakistan, and Russia are against the restoration of “military bases in and around Afghanistan” by the US and its allies, due to how such activity “is not conducive to regional peace and stability.”

In spring 2021, the Taliban movement took back control of Afghanistan following the US’s decision to withdraw its military forces from the country. The invasion of Afghanistan, while justified to bring Al-Qaeda terrorists to justice after the 9/11 attacks, devolved into a quixotic nation-building experiment that cost American taxpayers trillions while leaving hundreds of thousands of Afghan civilians dead or displaced.

For all intents and purposes, the US must be condemned for this nation-building project and its other arbitrary military adventures. 

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