Foreign Policy Analyst: Russia Will ‘Do Whatever It Takes To Win’ Ukraine War

Foreign policy analyst Clint Ehrlich told Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk on the Monday episode of his podcast that Putin won’t give up his invasion of Ukraine just because the conflict may grow tougher for both him and his nation as it continues on. Ehrlich instead argued that historical contexts between the two nations will drive Russians to push on.

A clip from the show begins with Kirk posing a statement that was essentially a question to Ehrlich: “So Clint, you believe that the narrative that Russia is frustrated and might lose is wrong,” Kirk began. “We’re hearing this a lot; walk us how through how you think this is misguided.”

“Well I think that Russia is frustrated,” answered Ehrlich. “They wanted to make more progress in their war on Ukraine. But I think the idea that they’re going to lose, or that they’re going to give up is misguided because it underestimates the stakes of this war from the Russian perspective. The mistake that many analysts made before the war was they thought that Vladimir Putin would not invade Ukraine because they didn’t take his words about the threat that Ukraine posed to Russia’s security literally.”

Ehrlich in this instance was referring to the televised speech given by Putin a few days before he had moved on Ukraine.

“They simply didn’t believe him, and they’re doing the same thing again. They’re not listening to what Putin is saying about Russia’s goals in Ukraine, and the fact that Russia considers this an existential war. Basically a sequel to World War II for them, and so the idea that Russia would simply give up or withdraw, rather than escalating the war and using heavier weapons, is based on a misapprehension of Putin’s motivations, and the willingness of the Russians to do whatever it takes to win,” Ehrlich continued during his appearance on the show.

Many actors involved with corporate America appear to be intentionally injecting themselves into the conflict, with credit card companies Visa and Mastercard making news for their recent pullout from Russia, along with the payment processor PayPal. Some political commentators have expressed distaste for such practices, with many pointing out that Russian banks are beginning to turn to China in wake of exclusion by Western financial institutions.

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