Former America First Senate Candidate Lauren Witzke Announces Launch of “Hold the Line PAC”

Lauren Witzke, a former US Senate candidate, has announced the launch of an America First political action committee (PAC) called “Hold the Line.”

The website’s leadership section describes Witzke as the PAC spokeswoman. She previously won the Republican nomination to run against sitting Democratic senator Chris Coons in 2020. Despite Coons’ victory, she received the most votes out of any Republican Senate candidate in Delaware state history.

The PAC is a platform to continue advocating for the America First platform Witzke ran on: restricting immigration, ending the opioid epidemic, prioritizing the strength of the nuclear family, and standing up for the interests of the American worker.

Other goals stated on the Hold the Line website include stemming the tide of leftist authoritarianism, eradicating abortion, doing more to help veterans, fighting for the religious liberty of Christians and a stronger societal influence of Christian values, and maintaining election integrity.

Before throwing her hat in the US Senate ring, Witzke worked in Iowa for the Trump Victory Campaign and was also a program director for Teen Challenge, a “long-term, faith-based drug rehabilitation center.”

Witzke’s campaign Facebook page of 14,000 followers was also recently shut down without any warning or explanation, but with the creation of this PAC and the recognition that American nationalists need to keep building their own political and social infrastructure, Lauren Witzke and the America First movement are only going to keep rising for the foreseeable future.

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