Former Army intel officer congressman Tweets: Nunes memo proves DOJ, FBI abused FISA

Cpt. Lee Zeldin poses for a photo during a 2006 deployment to Iraq. Zeldin, now a major in the Army Reserve, is also a U.S. Congressman for New York. (courtesy photo) (Army photo)

The Long Island, New York congressman, who served as Army intelligence officer and paratrooper, who deployed to Iraq with the 82nd Airborne Division Tweeted out Friday that the “Nunes memo” proves the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Justice Department abused the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act process.

A statement from the congressman’s office verified that these Tweets referred directly to the memorandum posted by the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and its chairman Rep. Devin G. Nunes (R.-Calif.).

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R.-N.Y.) (Photo of the Zeldin campaign Facebook page)

The memo detailed how the FBI used a political opposition research file developed by Christopher Steele, a veteran of British intelligence service, and paid for which the Democratic National Committee and the presidential campaign of Hillary R. Clinton paid $160,000 to Fusion GPS complete, as part of its request for a surveillance warrant for an American citizen Carter W. Page.

The FBI requested the warrant to watch Page that required the highest level of justification under Title 1 of the FISA law.

The memo further described how the FBI, which is part of the Justice Department, failed to disclose this relationship, nor did the bureau disclose that former associate deputy attorney general Bruce G. Ohr, in his personal conversations with Steele, who was also a paid FBI informant, was aware of Steele’s deep animus for Donald J. Trump and his desire to stop his candidacy at any cost.

Ohr’s wife Nellie worked for Fusion GPS.

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