Former British Defense Minister Suggests Putting Boots On the Ground in Ukraine

In an interview with British broadcaster Kay Burley, former United Kingdom Defense Minister Sir Gerald Howarth has suggested that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) put boots on the ground in Ukraine. 

In the interview, Burley asked “Are you suggesting putting boots on the ground in Ukraine?” 

Howarth responded: “I think that is something we now have to consider, certainly if you were to put a NATO force in there.”

The former shadow defense minister admitted that the Russo-Ukrainian conflict is “looking like a stalemate.” In his view, such a scenario requires that the Collective West step up its efforts to support Ukraine and make sure that it comes out victorious against Russia. 

Howarth believes that this conflict is a high stakes affair and the West cannot afford to half-ass the way they are backing Ukraine. If Russia were to prevail in Ukraine, Howarth asserted that Moscow will have its sights set on other Eastern European countries. 

Howarth served as Shadow Defense Minister starting in 2002 and has been a fixture of the British political establishment. Unsurprisingly, he will push for the most hawkish of stances against Russia in this conflict. Given the UK’s geopolitical proclivity to prevent Russia from reaching a rapprochement with continental European powers such as Germany, it will naturally try to keep Russia out of the European system. 

The UK has been one of the more enthusiastic supporters of Ukraine since the launch of Russia’s military incursion in February 24, 2022. From January 2022 to November 2022, the UK has supplied $3.5 billion in total arms deliveries to Ukraine. 

Just like the US, such fanatically anti-Russian behavior does not serve British interests. Instead, like its counterpart across the Atlantic, the UK should focus on shoring up its internal problems as opposed to embarking on globalist crusades abroad.

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