Former Clinton Operative James Carville Admits ‘Wokeness is a Problem’ but Democrats ‘Don’t Want to Say It Out Loud’

Legendary Democrat operative James Carville is claiming that Democrats know “wokeness is a problem” but liberals “don’t want to say it out loud” due to cowardice.

Carville, who was credited as the strategic genius behind Bill Clinton’s meteoric rise to the presidency in 1992, made the candid comments about the state of the modern Left during an interview with Vox.

“You ever get the sense that people in faculty lounges in fancy colleges use a different language than ordinary people? They come up with a word like “Latinx” that no one else uses. Or they use a phrase like “communities of color.” I don’t know anyone who speaks like that. I don’t know anyone who lives in a “community of color.” I know lots of white and Black and brown people and they all live in … neighborhoods,” he said.

“There’s nothing inherently wrong with these phrases. But this is not how people talk. This is not how voters talk. And doing it anyway is a signal that you’re talking one language and the people you want to vote for you are speaking another language. This stuff is harmless in one sense, but in another sense it’s not,” Carville added.

He noted that Democrats, by focusing inward on language policing and other woke enforcement measures, are losing touch with the common man. Carville said his colleagues see the harm in this ideology but are too craven to address the problem.

“Wokeness is a problem and everyone knows it. It’s hard to talk to anybody today — and I talk to lots of people in the Democratic Party — who doesn’t say this. But they don’t want to say it out loud,” Carville said.

Big League Politics reported about an exposé from left-wing journalist Glenn Greenwald showing how powerful corporations and government agencies are using “woke” language to cloak their dastardly policies:

Left-wing journalist Glenn Greenwald is taking aim on his own side for their embrace of woke ideology that is being exploited by the deep state and multinational corporations to cloak their own evil policies.

“By draping itself in the finery of political activism, the corporatist class consolidates political power, corrupts democracy and distracts from its real functions,” he wrote in a recent column.

Greenwald explained how organizations like the CIA, FBI and NSA are putting out platitudes in favor of LGBT rights and feminism as they attempt to rebrand Big Brother for a new age of social justice warriors.

“It’s so sweet that one is tempted to forget about, or at least be more understanding of, all the bombing campaigns and all the dictatorships they install and prop up that repress and kill the very people that they purport to honor and cherish,” he wrote. 

While the deep state led the way, Greenwald pointed out that multinational corporations are getting in the action, realizing that far-left window dressing can satiate the public and make them more likely to accept lower wages and poorer working conditions.

“Corporations have always sought to control the legislative process and executive branch, usually with much success… But they are now going far beyond clandestine corporatist control of the government for their own interests. They are now becoming increasingly powerful participants in highly polarizing and democratic debates,” Greenwald wrote.

“In the wake of the George Floyd killing last summer, it became virtually obligatory for every large corporation to proclaim support for the #BlackLivesMatter agenda even though many, if not most, had never previously evinced the slightest interest in questions of racial justice or policing,” he added.

Greenwald explained how Coinbase, a cryptocurrency trading platform, attempted to stay neutral and was savaged for not conforming to the mandated consensus. The woke ideology is creating a system where Big Brother is enforced by soulless jackals triggered to intense rage over humiliatingly stupid nonsense.

“The farcical nature of all of this is obvious. Just as it is laughable that the CIA and GCHQ (British intelligence agency) care about social justice, feminism, and racial diversity as they bomb and subvert the rest of the world in ways that contradict all of those professed values, the idea that corporate giants who use sweatshops, slave labor, mass layoffs and abuse of their workforce care about any of these causes would make any rational person suffocate on the stench of their insincerity,” he wrote.

“The concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the corporate class and the ways they abuse and eliminate labor, control government, and destroy the working and middle classes will be impossible to see, as we are all blinded by the glare of their virtuous Instagram posts about racial justice and their unified campaigns against voter suppression,” Greenwald added.”

Carville is right that his fellow Democrats lack the courage to speak out against “woke” totalitarianism. They are held hostage to the beast they created, even as they continue to covet the power it’s granted them.

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